Lisa: Self Proclaimed Crafty Chick


My love for the unique (a.k.a. weird) and wonderful is the reason why I am here.  I am truly amazed by the talents of others and enjoy learning what they already have.  

Perhaps being the youngest in the family is why I am always compelled to "tell someone about this", combined with the fact that papercrafting is always evolving, drives me to want to show others the latest and the greatest 'out there'.

I resisted scrapbooking in the home party days.  I only had a dog, and seriously, how many dog scrapbooks does one really need?  Turns out, you make as much as life delivers you good content and photo opps!

I first went to a few conventions and a scrapbooking cruise and then, thoroughly smitten, started up a monthly crop for charity.  

A few years have gone by and I had to buy a bigger house for my expanse of craft stuff!  I am tickled pink with multimedia projects, and trust me when I say I turn typical items over in my hands several times before I throw them out because my mind is begging the question, "How can we incorporate this in crafting somehow?"  Yes, I just said "WE".

There is always a conversation going on in my head between me, myself and I.  We are a group of the crafty, critical and emotional minds all wrapped up in one!  No wonder why the craft room is banished to the basement!

It is our pleasure to use this website as the place for our creative ideas and events, and truly hope that you will join us to enjoy all things that glitter, have bling and include life's captured moments!

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