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Just Scrapbooking the Family & Your Vacations?

Okay, so I'm a travel agent in my "day job" and quite frankly, I love it when I see people reliving their travel adventures by scrapbooking. Right there, they are doing what most people don't and that's getting the pictures off of their phones, cameras and other devices, printing them out, and working with them. Here's a gold star - great job!

So what if I tell you that there is another scrapbooking level out there - more than just family events and trips? Something that will be more insightful as to the 'who' you really are. Let me explain.

If in our future, someone were to look at our scrapbooks, would they only see a glorified photo album? Perhaps there's a witty comment here or there, or an awesome title, but what would they understand about you - the artist?

Why not also leave a legacy about you and YOUR story and how you see the world? Perhaps it is just one scrapbook album, but dedicated to all things that YOU are. Something that enables your children and grandchildren to actually get to know and understand you and the things that you value. Here are some of the pages in that album:

~My favourite childhood memory

~The most important advice that my mom/dad gave me

~Top 10 _______ (this could be anything, but oh so helpful to capture key points of your choice)

~Why I fell in love with ______ (don't limit yourself to your spouse, this also could be destinations, hobbies, sports teams, music etc.)

~Addages to live by

~Special and personal thoughts about each of your children/nieces, nephews/grandchildren.

~Life changes and challenges (these are great for a single picture page, with plenty of room for journalling, share your story - the good, bad and ugly - it is also highly therapeutic!)

Oh yes, speaking of journalling, since cursive is not being taught in schools anymore (Sigh) use more printing so it can be read by the next generation. Show off your penmanship! Trust me, even if YOU hate your handwriting, I can bet it will look pristine to those who will have the honour to discover your personal album of you in the years that follow.

One more idea for that personal album. We get sent interesting emails from our friends, especially at the start of a new year. In the picture above, I transformed an email about a New Year's Survival Kit from my dear friend Pat H., into a layout. Why? Because the email moved me, and as an artist, I could choose to showcase it in my album or press delete. Guess which one I chose to do?

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