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Trip Of Lifetime Doesn't Need to Take a Lifetime to Scrapbook!

So I have just come back from my second time in Italy! It was fantastico, to say the least. My scrapbook is done. Three quarters of it I completed in destination without missing a single sight or commentary from our tour guide. Can this really be possible? Yes, my friends, it is true.

I was in Italy 4 years ago for the first time. My photos and mementos are still in the "Yet to be Scrapbooked" section of my studio. It's shameful but true. So why the vast difference in these trips? Simple. My approach.

The undone vision of the first trip was to scrapbook the many sights of my newly discovered Italy in my traditional way. 12"x12" papers, with not just any papers but the right printed cardstock. Sprinkle it with the right embellishments, and chipboard letters, and how can I forget the hundreds of photos?! When I see Italy themed items at the store, that nagging reminder of a completely undone scrapbook album hits me. I buy a few items, and if I'm good, I put them in the Italy project box. That's how four years passes. It's a big project. So staring at that mountain causes me to entertain smaller projects because after all, Italy is not going anywhere.

Let me remind you that most people, yes, even family, do not enjoy being roped into seeing three albums of your trip of a lifetime. So why not take a different approach.

Don't get me wrong, you can still do your big scrapbook, moment by moment and sight by sight of your trip but try this technique first, and you may find that you may not want to after!

I used a Smashbook. I gathered my ticket stubs, pamphlets, wine bottle labels as I was on my journey. I documented everyday - the highlights, the things that took my breath away, or were just simply funny in the moment. That's what I wrote about. I left space for pictures, because I knew which ones I wanted to include...because I just took them! I used the glue included in my Smashbook pen, and some washi tape and voila, my trip was unfolding in my Smashbook as I was experiencing it! Oh yeah, I was on a 1st class escorted tour of Italy so the time I chose to use was when we were transitioning city to city on the coach. There was plenty of room to work on my lap and the size of the Smashbook keeps you grounded.

It was so liberating! I came home, printed off the photos that matched the spaces in the book (oh yeah, I have several creative ideas for multiple pictures) and the trip is done. It is a wonderful keepsake of the collected momentos, but easy enough to carry around and share with anyone who asks about the trip.

The focus of the perfect printed cardstock, the best embellishments and such is gone. But I have to say, I really love the result! My trip is beautifully captured while not feeling that this huge project is waiting for me in my studio, like a monster hiding in the closet. Stay tuned...I know more Smashbook journeys are going to be happening soon, like that destination wedding in Jamaica in January! Ya mon!

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