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Birth of a New Studio

Hi Everyone! When I am asked what is the number one thing a crafter needs, my answer is thus: A Creative Space to call their own.

Face it, if you have to pack up every time you feel crafty, trust me, the creative torment of packing and unpacking your supplies zaps the fun right out of it. So claim your space, but be sure of one other thing. Your space has to inspire you.

My space was in an unfinished basement. Cement floors, insulation on the walls, makeshift lighting, no noise barrier between my area and the bathroom above it...use your imagination. I was grateful for the space, but it lacked inspiration.

So, my lovely husband has agreed to finish off my area in the basement. It will be transformed from a craft cave to my very own Studio! Oh the many craft rooms on Pinterest are to die for! But after much searching, I found a sewing room that had so many design elements that "spoke" to me. So I might not have the sewing machine per se, but I needed the same storage and large tables and that's where the birth of my studio took place. You too, need to find your inspiration. So follow along with me, as I show you my transformation ugly craft cave to Scrapbooking Studio! Bye for now!

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